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Our services


We serve for such companies like:


- Municipality of Wroclaw


- Bombardier Transportation


- RUUKKI Polska


- Dolnoslaska Wyzsza Szkola Edukacji we Wroclawiu


- L&P Sp. z o. o.


- WESTLB Polska


Our wide range of services we always try to fit to the needs of customers.
We specialize for such following tasks like:


- carriage people and goods in national and international transport


- we accomplish of formalities according to visit guest in our country and all    their travels between airport/railway station and hotel
   Don't worry if your flight is delayed or early, the driver will check with the


- we can arrange their visit for example join it with sightseeing or            rehabilitation


- handling conferences and meetings or special occasions


- we guarantee access to the wireless internet to our customers